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Our Company Malsha Engineering is a well established company in Sri Lanka specializes in manufacturing and installation of Zinc- Aluminum quoted Roofing Sheets, Cladding, Gutters and Accessories etc.. We are one of the main importers and suppliers of PPGL Color Coils, PPGI Color Coils, Zinc Coated Steel Sheets (EGI), Mild Steel Sheets and Checker Plates in the Island. Our Engineering professionals are Industry experts, provides solutions for any of your Roofing or Guttering Problems using their talent and vast experience in this field ….. ..

We are proud to tell you the reasons why you select us: Excellent modern Designs, Customize Engineering solutions, Highly skilled Professionals, Wide range of engineering experiences, Cost effective solutions, Competitive rates, Readily available at Clients’ sites, Long term business relations, Satisfaction of after – sales services, Best quality material, Extensive workmanship. We import and manufacture the best quality material and accessories and distribute them to every corner in Sri Lanka. Since we have all the necessary accessories in our stocks with regard to Roofing, Cladding and Guttering work, our services are unbiased and prompt. In fact, by being independent, we are able to provide our customers the every possible solution at the lowest possible price. .

Malsha Engineering has already built – up success and wish to expand into new engineering sectors! Our Office is at No. 90, Horana Road, Kesbewa. Mr. Shirley De Silva is the founder of this esteemed Organization and one of his dreams’ is to supply all the necessary building material under one roof! Our in-depth knowledge, engineering expertise, familiarity with operational and maintenance requirements, bridging the gaps with the customers and the Organization in a humble manner, make us outstanding, remarkable and glorious!

Our mission is to make every project successful, exceed high quality standards and ensure integrity!

Our vision is to implement innovative systems in Roofing, Cladding and Guttering systems in Sri Lanka! We wish to expand our business in various vital areas in engineering and provide the clients with excellently engineered solutions for competitive rates!

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Mr Shirley De Siiva

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